This Writing Thing (again!!)

So here’s the thing. I talk a lot about writing. I read a lot about writing. I even think a lot about writing. Once upon a time I told people I was going to be a writer which slowly segued into telling people that I was a writer. Thing is, and this part may be a bit of a problem, I don’t actually write all that much. Sure, I spend a great deal of time lurking around on various social media, Facebook, Twitter, even Google Plus. At least twice a day I think of something. A blog post, an article idea, a response to something topical. But I don’t do anything about it. I have the ideas in abundance. I’ve been told that I have the talent for it. I complain a lot about not having time. I have decided to find the time.


Having worked quite a bit in the  Customer Service industry (Can you say former actor?) I have learned to never tell someone what you cannot do for them. Tell them what you CAN do. For example instead of “We are out of the potato soup” saying “I recommend the chicken soup” or some such. As difficult as it is to do I have decided to apply this technique to myself, as I have used a lot of language that tells me what I cannot do.

“I would write, but I don’t have a laptop,”
“I am too tired at the end of the day to write,”
“I can’t make money right away as a writer,”
“There are so many writers out there with the same ideas,”
“I’m too stressed out to write,”
“I need to spend my energy doing other things to make ends meet,”

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So this is it. Right here on the interwebs, going out to all the people who might read this. No more excuses. I’ll find a way. So here is a top five list of commitments to myself to further this whole writing situation.

1. At least one blog post a week regarding something topical
2. At least one article submission to a reputable online magazine.
3. At least one article submission to an entertainment or satire magazine.
4. Wake up early at least three times a week to work on writing with the above objectives.
5. Work on editing novel as reward for completing above objectives.

There we go. A list of tangible time sensitive goals with definitive outcomes. So what happens if I don’t complete these goals exactly as they are stated? What is my incentive? Well, good question. The outcome of NOT doing the above is that nothing changes. Another year goes by with nothing to show. I read once that the next five years are going to pass whether one accomplishes one’s goal or not. Each day is made up of tiny moments that accumulate together to become ones life. Profound, eh?

So, blerg. Here I go. Let’s see what happens.