Walking Dead: “Here’s not Here” and “Now”

Okay, I call shenanigans!

Before I go any further I need to go ahead and declare that there are spoilers for season six, up to and including all previous seasons, should they come up. If you are not current, please turn back now.

That being said, I call some serious shenanigans!!!

We have been waiting since season three to hear about Morgan. I mean, it’s Morgan! They have tossed out teaser glimpses and Easter Eggs all through season five and since he arrived we have all been scratching our heads as to how he became such a bad-ass Zen Master. We wait all this time! And they give his back story immediately after what is apparently the biggest cliff-hanger in the history of television. Thanks a lot, writers…

Once I got some distance on it I was able to recognize that the episode was brilliant. Seeing Morgan back when he had lost his way and gone off the deep end just reminded me of how far he had come and rekindled my curiosity I liked what they did with him. I’m not sure where they will go with a character that cannot, or will not kill, during the zombie apocalypse. Plus, it already became apparent that this would become a bit of a plot point the week before with the dynamic between him and Carol.

Prediction: The Wolf that Morgan nobly leaves alive will either come back and cause some kind of havoc as was foreshadowed by the guy that got killed in the flashback and ended up biting Eastman, thus causing Morgan to lose his Yoda. OR The Wolf that Morgan nobly leaves alive will come back and save him or someone important in some way because not killing is better than killing and Morgan’s choice will be vindicated, as was foreshadowed by the guy that got killed in the flashback and ended up biting Eastman… See what I did there? I’m not sure I do either.

At the end of the day, I think Morgan is interesting as hell, and I was quite happy to finally see his backstory. I only wish that in all the conversation between Morgan and Eastman, that they touched on Morgan’s mental state back in Season One, when he was having trouble bringing himself to take down his Walker-wife. I mean that does have some influence on his mental evolution, doesn’t it?

But then also there’s that part of me that wants to rail and scream “WE DON’T CARE ABOUT MORGAN RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT’S GOING ON WITH GLENN!!!!!!!”

Alas, it appears we are going to have to wait yet another week (at least) to find out. But first of all I do want to call major shenanigans in regards to Rick. The episode starts with him running towards the gate in a full sprint, shouting “Open the gate!” as he is followed closely by only about couple hundred Walkers. He makes through with some help from Michone and all is right in the Rickiverse once more.

Shenanigans: How did he get out of the camper? He had a bleeding hand. The camper was surrounded and more were coming. Did he climb out of the sunroof and jump over them without turning an ankle? While wearing cowboy/ sheriff boots? And then run full on across pavement without falling? Yeeeah. Nope. I mean don’t get me wrong, this is Rick Grimes we’re talking about. If there was a way to do it, he would find it.

Let’s see, there are a whole bunch of story lines happening in this episode, and yes the lay out was a little bit cluttered. I’ll agree with that, but I don’t agree that we don’t care about the Alexandrians. The ‘core group’ has come across so many people and groups along the way that it is apparent at this point that important characters are rather a fluid thing in this world. I mean we have come to care for Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Let’s be honest when they first showed up there was a whole lot of eye rolling going on. Don’t lie.

So the Alexandrians. I’m a little bit over Deanna. She’s kind of going through it, but she can’t just roll over like that. She’s the leader of the town and should remain so regardless that the Ricktatorship has arrived to save the day. (Even though he has, and that’s how they are playing it.) While I am tired of the power struggle between the two, I am also kind of hoping that the conversation is not over yet.

In other news, All The Lerve!!! In addition to the big reveal from Maggie, (which, I mean how could we NOT see that one coming) there was a heck of a lot of pining and smooching going on. Deanna mooning over her dead husbands wedding ring right before she had her epic flash idea of rearranging crops. Then we saw a bit of crying coming from Rosita while she kept watch. She hid it well but us viewers saw it. They don’t play much on her romance with Abraham, but it’s there, and I think adds some depth to the characters. I’m still on the fence about Abraham, but if he floats her boat then who am I to judge?

This theme of loved ones and having something to live for felt like the through line for the episode and I for one like it when the writers take a step back and remind the viewers why everyone is still fighting to survive. That’s kind of the whole point. So commence the smooching. Denise kissed Tara, after she rallied her spirits in maybe saving her patient, or at least figuring out how to drain his infected wound. Romantic stuff, y’all. And then… wait for it… Rick kissed Jesse!!! Admit it. We’ve been waiting for that since the first time she offered him a hair cut.

I can’t wait until next week. And I don’t care who’s drinking all the haterade. I am enjoying the slow pace of the season. There are some bits here and there, but over all it’s brilliant. And let’s be honest. A bad Walking Dead episode is still better than most of the stuff on television.