Well, this is a first…

A couple of days ago, I am scrolling through my Facebook feed, as I do and I come across a post, responding to the bathroom debate. This post strikes a chord with me and so I repost it. I click through to the original post, and I find that it is in the early stages of going viral. I believe it was stated that it had been shared 15,000 times in the first 24 hours. That’s viral, y’all.

Then, some time later, I return to facebook to find that I have been completely logged out. When I go through the steps to log back in, a page sized warning appears, containing the very post which I already know has gone viral. I have already posted it twice as the original poster has said that hers had been removed several times as well. Okay, fine. I log back in. Now I don’t consider myself TOO MUCH of an online activist. I have at most dabbled in the whole SJW scene, but this post was good. Very good. Like Killer Martinis good, and obviously, I am not the only one to think so.

I reposted it. Last night I opened my phone for one quick check. Once again I have been completely logged out. Once I go through all the steps to log back in I receive a page sized warning that I have been BANNED from Facebook for 24 hours, and the offending post is named as the reason. Much eye-rolling ensued. This is a description of one person’s perception of her own experience. Nothing more.

So why then, did it continue to be removed? One of the warnings I received stated that it contained “nudity or descriptions of nudity”. Unlike, for example, the group I found rather easily who’s description contains a well-known slur and who’s icon depicts a celebration of rape? Or another page which contains memes such as one describing the “perfect date” followed by a picture of a chloroform bottle, a black van, and a forest. Both pages show followers in the thousands. These are just two examples.

Checking out facebook’s  Community Standards pinpoints objections towards nudity and hate speech as I was informed in my wrist slap ban notice. Apparently rape threats do not constitute hate speech? I cannot fathom what within this post would constitute nudity or hate speech, especially compared to what is already so easily found on the social media platform.

My intention is to re-post the offending letter here, but I do wish to gain permission from the original author for doing so. As I have been banned from facebook for the time being, I cannot contact anyone through the platform. But a quick Bing search of the name Kasey Rose-Hodge should give you a long list of the various outlets which have picked up the story. Why would this be banned so vehemently and consistently by a platform which encourages “People [to] use Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices.” What do you think?

EDIT: The number of shares has been updated to 15,000 in the first 24 hours. The post originally said 4500.


Scully and Moulder: Life Revisited

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.
-Ecclesiastes 1:9


Before there was Supernatural, True Blood, Ghost Hunters, Monster Quest, Walking Dead, Being Human, iZombie, Fringe, Grimm or any number of television delicacies produced for viewers consumption, there was the show that started it all. The original supernatural cop show in which good looking people fought monsters, picked apart and gathered evidence on a variety of cases, largely delving into the unexplained. All the while each of them wrestling with their own set of personal demons, regarding their levels of skepticism and belief. FBI Agents Fox Moulder and Doctor Dana Scully made it cool to be a weirdo in the original X-Files, which first aired in 1993. Those of us who had grown up on Beetlejuice, Teen Wolf and Ghostbusters realised that all that is strange and unusual had finally reached Prime Time.


Words cannot fully express the influence this show had on my media consumption. I was one of the original X-philes, watching every Sunday with religious fervor. My college dorm room was lined with X-files pin-ups, with both Duchovny and Anderson equal rivals for wall space. I wanted to BE them, more so than I admired them. One running joke in my Improv class whenever we played “Props” was if someone had run out of ideas, inevitably one of us would throw the prop into the air, regardless of what it was, point to it and say “Look Scully! A UFO!” I was hooked. I had it bad.

The will-they-or-won’t-they relationship shared by the two main characters only added to the appeal. Moulder, having suffered the childhood trauma of what he believed to be the alien abduction of his younger sister, carries with him all the angst and fervor of one with something to prove. Enter Dana Scully, the sceptic put in place by the FBI to disprove her partner’s work. Like two sides to a coin, they worked together, him bringing the emotion and passion while she offered a level-headed response. Though one of the most compelling through lines was that while Agent Scully liked to scoff at the idea of aliens and monsters, she often showed a more malleable side when it came to the miraculous. Her Catholic faith made appearances throughout the show and when it did the script became flipped. She was the one trying to convince the Agnostic Moulder of the possibility of miracles. I always enjoyed this dynamic as it showcased the depths of each of their characters. But perhaps most of all was the mutual respect the characters showed for each other. Sure there were those who hung on for a budding romance, but all of that was overshadowed by the way they acted like equals, like peers. Find me another show which successfully pulls this off.

We are now two episodes into the reboot of the X-files. I have read reviews which state that the first two are slow, that the season does not gain footing until the third episode. I do not know what reviewers thought the X-Files were. Where they saw slow, I saw growing tension and huge moments of awesome. The X-Files were never about the Monsters and Conspiracies for me. Instead, these elements simply gave a colorful backdrop to the shifting sands of Moulder and Scully’s relationship. This is the kind of program which is written in such a way that when things go quiet it is time to sit up and take notice. I will say that so far the show is perfection. It is not a rehash of the same dynamics. Instead, we as the viewers get to see the evolution of each of their personalities, stepping back into their lives like reconnecting with an old friend. Time has passed for Moulder and Scully, as it has for us viewers. The world has changed. We have changed. Moulder now has the life of what seems to be a paranoid recluse still plugging away at breaking through to find the truth. Scully works as a surgeon at a Catholic hospital, helping children born with deformities. The performances remained flawless. With a glance they could communicate every nuance, instantly bringing the audience up to speed to the state of their relationship.

Everything we love about the show is present, the snarky banter, the dubious evidence, the hints of a larger overarching conspiracy. Moving forward in time, gives us a wiser more subdued Scully and a more wild-eyed Moulder, glancing over his shoulder. He is perhaps out-paranoided by guest star Joel McHale, who plays an online host to conspiracy theorists. His presence is an obvious reach to bring in younger viewers to the show, albeit perhaps a successful one. I cannot help but want Agent Moulder to look him over and say something like “Paranoid? Ha! I could teach you a thing or two,” while Scully gives them both the silent sardonic green-eyed stare.


I look forward to the rest of the mini-series though I would easily watch these two if they ran a Paranormal Cozy mystery series out of their nursing home. For the duration of the remaining episodes, I shall be floating on a triangle shaped cloud that I once more live in a world in which the X-Files is on television.

The truth IS out there, yall.

The One About David Bowie

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

Ah, yesterday the King of the Misfits’ returned to the stars.

Today I have regained the ability to form sentences to some degree. Grief sometimes makes no sense. We were not friends. My daily routine is not affected in any way by the loss of this icon. My husband is still here. My children are still here. I am in relative health. So it would make sense that my seven-year-old son should ask me why I am crying.

“There is nothing upsetting happening right now…” he claims with some puzzlement.

You are right. It’s just a reminder. That is all.

A reminder that sometimes a person can be touched by a moment, something that can change a person, get in deep and under the skin, becoming part of who you are from that day forward. Art in many forms can transfer that meaning between people who have never met, and who never will. It is for such a moment that I want to remember you by, Mr. Jones.

I remember sitting in my high school bedroom, listening to the borrowed vinyl “Space Oddity” being mesmerized by the sadness of the lyrics as if he were speaking directly to me. Just coming out of the super saccharine sugary lyrics of 80’s pop radio, and not yet cresting the cultural horizon into the 90’s grunge scene, I began to realize that there is sadness, there is heartache, there is that strange weakness within us to sometimes want to take that step from the safety of one’s tin can, to float in a most peculiar way. And that sometimes feeling that way was okay…  

But that is not the moment.

There are people in the world who seem to be born to performance, who hold within them a spark, a light which draws to them the eyes of every person in the room. Call it charisma, charm, beauty, inner light. Whatever it was you had it. Through the course of your career you embodied the ageless, the magical, as you did playing the iconic Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth.

For anyone living under a rock since 1986, “Labyrinth” is a magical tale of a young girl who accidentally wishes away her baby brother to the realm of the Goblin King. He appears and commands her that she must solve the imposing maze to save her brother, or the baby will become one of his goblins forever.

But the Evil King was no monster. Your performance of Jareth embodied everything that could tempt a young girl into turning away from her task at hand. You were beautiful, brimming with power, magic, glamour, pretty boubles, sparkling enchantments, the promise of castles, dresses, eternal devotion. And then…

And then…

You became defeated by an ordinary girl.


This was a benchmark moment for all of us ordinary girls watching, when Sara uttered those now famous words, “You have no power over me!”

It made a difference that you were so dynamic, so magical, so charismatic, so powerful, so strong…

But Sara was stronger. And becouse of that moment we all became stronger. And the defeat in your eyes as she spoke those words, breaking the spell. We knew it was true.

db with globe

If Jareth had been played by any other actor it just would not have worked. Anyone else would have come across as just a man wearing eyeliner and a wig, but you, sir. You stepped into it, as you did with every character making it fully realized. You brought with it every nuance and beat, the bricks which build a performance. You never hesitated.

You became the Goblin King. Larger than life.

And for that I thank you… Rest well, Starman. Until we meet again.

david with cig


What have I been up to?

Quite a lot.

Though one would not know it by the state of my humble little blog. And so, dear reader, I will update you today, allowing you into the inner circle that is the three ring circus of my life.

Some time ago, over a year, I can’t recall the actual date, I said to my husband, “I want to make a living as a writer. I’m not talking about J.K. Rowling status, just putting words in a row and people giving me money for it. That’s how I want to make an income.”

And so it has come to pass. To make a little bit of extra cheese, I had already picked up a few gigs on This site has since been bought out by Odesk and is experiencing some growing pains in the process. Before the switch, I played the numbers game and lined up the gigs I needed to make some decent pocket change, enough so that I could finally quit my day job.

I have read a thousand articles on how to “make a living as a writer”, and I’m starting to get the impression that many writers just use their time to write books on how to become a writer. I considered this. Really, I did. In all honesty, I felt as if it were cheating the system. “Ask me how to make money!!” Okay, how do I make money? “Buy this kit to find out!” *Buys kit* “Sell this kit to people to make money!!” That kind of thing. Cheating. I wanted to compose stories. So I became a ghostwriter.

This topic alone could comprise of many blog posts on its own. But truth be told, the very nature of ghostwriting includes not being able to talk about it. Not even a little bit. I’ve probably already said too much.

In other news, I completed the first draft of my current work-in-progress. To much joy and adulation, this is something I CAN talk about. I don’t want to give away too much plot of course, but it involves a teenage girl trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Here is a character teaser I created for it. promo poster

Pretty cool, huh?

In other news, I have created an official Facebook author’s page which can be seen here.

I built it for two reasons. One, it makes a huge difference to see one’s smiling face with the word “author” next to it inasmuch as having something to get one’s butt in gear. Knowing that the entire world wide web has access to it is a great motivator. Let me tell ya! Two, I plan on finishing this thing and I need an author’s page.

It did not make sense to me, but everything I have read says to build up your online presence BEFORE publishing. My initial thoughts were, how on earth can one create an author presence if one has not yet been published? But doing things “my way” has worked out so well, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge, following the advice of the many articles pointing me down the path to imminent success. (tic)

There is an old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This has turned out to be true on so many levels. Another resource I stumbled across in my effort to learn everything is the “Fiction Writing” group on Facebook. It is said that in order to succeed one must have a mentor. This group has become that for me in many ways. Everyone is very nearly as goofy as I am and the wealth of knowledge amassed there is invaluable. I can honestly say, I would not be anywhere close to where I am now if not for this group.

And yet, another opportunity arises as well. In addition to all of the above, an old friend of mine is part of the team beginning and independent publishing platform called Eurus. It does not have an online presence as of yet, but I am sensing great and promising things from this group of people.

So much for “just a quick blurb on my blog”. At least, this can be my little corner of the internet where I can rant about life, the universe, and everything as I see fit. Feel free to follow my author site on Facebook. Stay tuned for more to come.

Happy writing, everyone!

Walking Dead: “Here’s not Here” and “Now”

Okay, I call shenanigans!

Before I go any further I need to go ahead and declare that there are spoilers for season six, up to and including all previous seasons, should they come up. If you are not current, please turn back now.

That being said, I call some serious shenanigans!!!

We have been waiting since season three to hear about Morgan. I mean, it’s Morgan! They have tossed out teaser glimpses and Easter Eggs all through season five and since he arrived we have all been scratching our heads as to how he became such a bad-ass Zen Master. We wait all this time! And they give his back story immediately after what is apparently the biggest cliff-hanger in the history of television. Thanks a lot, writers…

Once I got some distance on it I was able to recognize that the episode was brilliant. Seeing Morgan back when he had lost his way and gone off the deep end just reminded me of how far he had come and rekindled my curiosity I liked what they did with him. I’m not sure where they will go with a character that cannot, or will not kill, during the zombie apocalypse. Plus, it already became apparent that this would become a bit of a plot point the week before with the dynamic between him and Carol.

Prediction: The Wolf that Morgan nobly leaves alive will either come back and cause some kind of havoc as was foreshadowed by the guy that got killed in the flashback and ended up biting Eastman, thus causing Morgan to lose his Yoda. OR The Wolf that Morgan nobly leaves alive will come back and save him or someone important in some way because not killing is better than killing and Morgan’s choice will be vindicated, as was foreshadowed by the guy that got killed in the flashback and ended up biting Eastman… See what I did there? I’m not sure I do either.

At the end of the day, I think Morgan is interesting as hell, and I was quite happy to finally see his backstory. I only wish that in all the conversation between Morgan and Eastman, that they touched on Morgan’s mental state back in Season One, when he was having trouble bringing himself to take down his Walker-wife. I mean that does have some influence on his mental evolution, doesn’t it?

But then also there’s that part of me that wants to rail and scream “WE DON’T CARE ABOUT MORGAN RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT’S GOING ON WITH GLENN!!!!!!!”

Alas, it appears we are going to have to wait yet another week (at least) to find out. But first of all I do want to call major shenanigans in regards to Rick. The episode starts with him running towards the gate in a full sprint, shouting “Open the gate!” as he is followed closely by only about couple hundred Walkers. He makes through with some help from Michone and all is right in the Rickiverse once more.

Shenanigans: How did he get out of the camper? He had a bleeding hand. The camper was surrounded and more were coming. Did he climb out of the sunroof and jump over them without turning an ankle? While wearing cowboy/ sheriff boots? And then run full on across pavement without falling? Yeeeah. Nope. I mean don’t get me wrong, this is Rick Grimes we’re talking about. If there was a way to do it, he would find it.

Let’s see, there are a whole bunch of story lines happening in this episode, and yes the lay out was a little bit cluttered. I’ll agree with that, but I don’t agree that we don’t care about the Alexandrians. The ‘core group’ has come across so many people and groups along the way that it is apparent at this point that important characters are rather a fluid thing in this world. I mean we have come to care for Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Let’s be honest when they first showed up there was a whole lot of eye rolling going on. Don’t lie.

So the Alexandrians. I’m a little bit over Deanna. She’s kind of going through it, but she can’t just roll over like that. She’s the leader of the town and should remain so regardless that the Ricktatorship has arrived to save the day. (Even though he has, and that’s how they are playing it.) While I am tired of the power struggle between the two, I am also kind of hoping that the conversation is not over yet.

In other news, All The Lerve!!! In addition to the big reveal from Maggie, (which, I mean how could we NOT see that one coming) there was a heck of a lot of pining and smooching going on. Deanna mooning over her dead husbands wedding ring right before she had her epic flash idea of rearranging crops. Then we saw a bit of crying coming from Rosita while she kept watch. She hid it well but us viewers saw it. They don’t play much on her romance with Abraham, but it’s there, and I think adds some depth to the characters. I’m still on the fence about Abraham, but if he floats her boat then who am I to judge?

This theme of loved ones and having something to live for felt like the through line for the episode and I for one like it when the writers take a step back and remind the viewers why everyone is still fighting to survive. That’s kind of the whole point. So commence the smooching. Denise kissed Tara, after she rallied her spirits in maybe saving her patient, or at least figuring out how to drain his infected wound. Romantic stuff, y’all. And then… wait for it… Rick kissed Jesse!!! Admit it. We’ve been waiting for that since the first time she offered him a hair cut.

I can’t wait until next week. And I don’t care who’s drinking all the haterade. I am enjoying the slow pace of the season. There are some bits here and there, but over all it’s brilliant. And let’s be honest. A bad Walking Dead episode is still better than most of the stuff on television.

Walking Dead: S6 E3; (Thank You)

First of all, let me say this.

It’s one thing for everyone to freak on their various social medias or whatever, but for the love of gravy can we stop posting outright spoilers??? Remember the whole “Beth incident” in the season four finale when the Walking Dead website spoiled it for the ENTIRE WEST COAST???  Let’s show some respect for our West Coast watchers. Not to mention those who watch it on DVR or what not. We are all in this together, you guys.

That being said, there are some MAJOR spoilers coming up in this post. Seriously, if you have not seen it, turn back now. For that matter, stay off of all social media until you do. Maybe just avoid all media altogether. Why aren’t you just living in an abandoned cabin doing nothing else but binge watching The Walking Dead? I know right? Okay, I’ve given you plenty of warning. If you are not gone by this point it is your own fault.

Last week the action ramped up letting us know that we won’t be sitting on our laurels and sipping tea. No sirree. It is white knuckle all the way! Episode three started out on a high octane level that made last week feel like a children’s birthday party, jumping back to the events outside the town with Rick and the gang attempting to draw off the huge herd o’ zombies headed towards Alexandria. We already know that a small fraction of them are headed towards the town because of that horn blast.  But that’s not what we came to talk about. Now is it?

Now, I’ve got to be honest. I figured that someone was going to bite it this episode, mainly because of all of the exclamations and fan theories showing up on my Facebook timeline. No one came out right and said who, but come on. I’ve been with the show for six seasons now. I’m not stupid. But regardless of that, I did kind of see the way the episode telegraphed the event.

There was that guy with the Alexandrians who kept talking about his wife. Was anyone else yelling at the screen that I did not care so much about him, because there’s another guy RIGHT OVER THERE that we care about much more, who also has a wife to get back to? Then there was that whole thing with the watch in the store. Then there was that whole scenario in which Glen and Nicholas tried to go and torch the feed store. I knew it was a bad situation from the start. Glen has been Mr. Self-sacrifice from the beginning. This whole story line with Nicholas has been infuriating to say the least. I know it had to happen this way, because even in this world Glen maintained his humanity. In some ways he was the best one of them all.

Okay, let’s talk about Maggie for a second. When we met her way back in season two, she was already a bit of a tortured soul as she and her family had lost their matriarch to the zombie virus (do we know it’s a virus?). So already she had that crazy-with-grief haunted glaze in her eye. Then show happens, and that thing with the governor and her Dad… then more show happens and she loses her sister… Then she thought she lost Glen. Then they found each other at Terminus. And now this??? Things are not going well for Maggie. I suspect someone is going off the deep end in future episodes. Who could blame her though. This girl has been through it.

Now let’s speculate. Maybe, just maybe Glen did not really die…. right? I mean, maybe those were not his guts being eviscerated right before our very eyes…. right? I mean Nicholas did fall right on top of him, and they were there next to that dumpster. Could be he is just temporarily trapped under the weight of a corpse and all those walkers, and he just needs to wait a second before he pushes off the body of Nicholas and crawls under the relative safety of the dumpster….. right? But alas, I fear that the look of terror, sadness, anger, and loss on Steven Yeun’s face portrayed everything. Yes, he was overwhelmed with pain and shock, but the real reason for his anguish, etched all over his face, was Maggie. If he had screamed out her name it could not have been more evident. His last thoughts (if in fact these were his last moments) were spent thinking about his wife.


I also want to take a moment to commend Seven Yeun on his acting abilities. He has been so nuanced and layered throughout the evolution of Glenn’s character. I genuinely hope that Hollywood recognizes the potential for him to be the next big romance/ action star and scoops him right up. Plus the added bonus of pissing off the racists. (I’m looking at you Star Wars boycotters!) But don’t forget that he started out as the squeaky voiced side kick pizza delivery guy back in Atlanta. He’s come far.

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be spending the week weeping and gnashing teeth, holding on to the hope that maybe he crawled under that dumpster after all. *fingers crossed*

Leave a comment. Do you think it’s the real deal? Thanks for stopping by.


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