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The One About David Hon and His Dumb Article

It seems as if I am writing more and more of these responses than usual. Perhaps it is because there is a general increase of idiocy floating across my awareness than usual. Yay internet. Anyway, this most recent example is this oh-so-valiant article written by journalist David Hon, chronicling his reasons for not wanting to date a Feminist.


Mmkay. Let’s go with that.

Even though there is just so, so much to unpack with this one, I am going to address one element which seems to continue to raise its ugly head, the one continuing misunderstanding about Feminism, which is mentioned in the very first sentence of the article.

“If you look for a reason to hate men, chances are you’re going to find it.”

-David Hon

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that one can literally replace the word ‘man’ in this sentence with any noun and it would still work. Go ahead. Try it.

“If you look for a reason to hate hats, children, television, squids, bananas, motorcycles, Facebook, religion, eggs, Ghostbusters, round earth theory….. chances are you’re going to find it.”   

See? It works with anything. He did not stumble across some great secret tenant of feminism. Sorry.

But the truth is, and it is really, really sad that this even has to be explained, feminists don’t ‘hate men’. That is a diversionary tactic and quite an old one at that. There is so much information out there about what feminism stands for that not getting it reeks of ignorance.

In all actuality, we love men.

Love them.

You know why? Because the men that we surround ourselves with are awesome! These are the men who get it, who hear what we have to say, who recognize the inequalities surrounding us (all of us) on a daily basis. These men will change a diaper with the same skill and mental prowess as they would use to change a tire. These men know that taking care of their own children is called ‘parenting’, not ‘babysitting for mom’.

These men will hold a door open, but not because of patriarchal expectations of chivarly, but because they happened to be in front. They will not only watch the movie, but maybe even shed a tear when the dog dies. They will read the thing and talk about it after. They will acknowledge the culture of objectification surrounding women and little girls, the patriarchal gender norms which damages all children, girls and boys. They notice how difficult it is to find a Black Widow action figure to go with their son’s collection of Avengers toys. They realize how difficult it is that their partner can’t walk to the library without getting harrassed.

It is because of the existence of these men that we know bad behavior is not somehow inherient to male-dom. It is because of these men, that we know it is possible to function in the complex state of existing-while-human, to encompase traits of empathy without compromising one’s masculinity. (or compromising it, if that’s your thing).

When we draw attention to the inequalities surrounding us, we are not saying ‘We hate men’. We are saying, do better, and we are holding you accountable because we know it can be done. We know you can do better, because we are surrounded by those who do. Not only is it possible, but it’s also not all that difficult. I mean, look around.

Daniel Radcliffe gets it.


John Legend gets it.


George R.R. Martin gets it.


Joss Whedon gets it.


Even Sir Patrick Stewart gets it.


And perhaps most importantly (to me anyway), this guy right here gets it.

Free Comic Book Day 2016

In conclusion, it has been my experience that we as a culture are more prone to demonizing those who point out inequality, than we are to take a moment of self-reflection, examining in what ways we might be contributing to the problem. Furthermore, if you have a vocal outloud feminist in your life, congratulations. You made the cut. If not… well. I’m sure that’s purely by choice, right?




Well, this is a first…

A couple of days ago, I am scrolling through my Facebook feed, as I do and I come across a post, responding to the bathroom debate. This post strikes a chord with me and so I repost it. I click through to the original post, and I find that it is in the early stages of going viral. I believe it was stated that it had been shared 15,000 times in the first 24 hours. That’s viral, y’all.

Then, some time later, I return to facebook to find that I have been completely logged out. When I go through the steps to log back in, a page sized warning appears, containing the very post which I already know has gone viral. I have already posted it twice as the original poster has said that hers had been removed several times as well. Okay, fine. I log back in. Now I don’t consider myself TOO MUCH of an online activist. I have at most dabbled in the whole SJW scene, but this post was good. Very good. Like Killer Martinis good, and obviously, I am not the only one to think so.

I reposted it. Last night I opened my phone for one quick check. Once again I have been completely logged out. Once I go through all the steps to log back in I receive a page sized warning that I have been BANNED from Facebook for 24 hours, and the offending post is named as the reason. Much eye-rolling ensued. This is a description of one person’s perception of her own experience. Nothing more.

So why then, did it continue to be removed? One of the warnings I received stated that it contained “nudity or descriptions of nudity”. Unlike, for example, the group I found rather easily who’s description contains a well-known slur and who’s icon depicts a celebration of rape? Or another page which contains memes such as one describing the “perfect date” followed by a picture of a chloroform bottle, a black van, and a forest. Both pages show followers in the thousands. These are just two examples.

Checking out facebook’s  Community Standards pinpoints objections towards nudity and hate speech as I was informed in my wrist slap ban notice. Apparently rape threats do not constitute hate speech? I cannot fathom what within this post would constitute nudity or hate speech, especially compared to what is already so easily found on the social media platform.

My intention is to re-post the offending letter here, but I do wish to gain permission from the original author for doing so. As I have been banned from facebook for the time being, I cannot contact anyone through the platform. But a quick Bing search of the name Kasey Rose-Hodge should give you a long list of the various outlets which have picked up the story. Why would this be banned so vehemently and consistently by a platform which encourages “People [to] use Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices.” What do you think?

EDIT: The number of shares has been updated to 15,000 in the first 24 hours. The post originally said 4500.


Walking Dead: S6 E3; (Thank You)

First of all, let me say this.

It’s one thing for everyone to freak on their various social medias or whatever, but for the love of gravy can we stop posting outright spoilers??? Remember the whole “Beth incident” in the season four finale when the Walking Dead website spoiled it for the ENTIRE WEST COAST???  Let’s show some respect for our West Coast watchers. Not to mention those who watch it on DVR or what not. We are all in this together, you guys.

That being said, there are some MAJOR spoilers coming up in this post. Seriously, if you have not seen it, turn back now. For that matter, stay off of all social media until you do. Maybe just avoid all media altogether. Why aren’t you just living in an abandoned cabin doing nothing else but binge watching The Walking Dead? I know right? Okay, I’ve given you plenty of warning. If you are not gone by this point it is your own fault.

Last week the action ramped up letting us know that we won’t be sitting on our laurels and sipping tea. No sirree. It is white knuckle all the way! Episode three started out on a high octane level that made last week feel like a children’s birthday party, jumping back to the events outside the town with Rick and the gang attempting to draw off the huge herd o’ zombies headed towards Alexandria. We already know that a small fraction of them are headed towards the town because of that horn blast.  But that’s not what we came to talk about. Now is it?

Now, I’ve got to be honest. I figured that someone was going to bite it this episode, mainly because of all of the exclamations and fan theories showing up on my Facebook timeline. No one came out right and said who, but come on. I’ve been with the show for six seasons now. I’m not stupid. But regardless of that, I did kind of see the way the episode telegraphed the event.

There was that guy with the Alexandrians who kept talking about his wife. Was anyone else yelling at the screen that I did not care so much about him, because there’s another guy RIGHT OVER THERE that we care about much more, who also has a wife to get back to? Then there was that whole thing with the watch in the store. Then there was that whole scenario in which Glen and Nicholas tried to go and torch the feed store. I knew it was a bad situation from the start. Glen has been Mr. Self-sacrifice from the beginning. This whole story line with Nicholas has been infuriating to say the least. I know it had to happen this way, because even in this world Glen maintained his humanity. In some ways he was the best one of them all.

Okay, let’s talk about Maggie for a second. When we met her way back in season two, she was already a bit of a tortured soul as she and her family had lost their matriarch to the zombie virus (do we know it’s a virus?). So already she had that crazy-with-grief haunted glaze in her eye. Then show happens, and that thing with the governor and her Dad… then more show happens and she loses her sister… Then she thought she lost Glen. Then they found each other at Terminus. And now this??? Things are not going well for Maggie. I suspect someone is going off the deep end in future episodes. Who could blame her though. This girl has been through it.

Now let’s speculate. Maybe, just maybe Glen did not really die…. right? I mean, maybe those were not his guts being eviscerated right before our very eyes…. right? I mean Nicholas did fall right on top of him, and they were there next to that dumpster. Could be he is just temporarily trapped under the weight of a corpse and all those walkers, and he just needs to wait a second before he pushes off the body of Nicholas and crawls under the relative safety of the dumpster….. right? But alas, I fear that the look of terror, sadness, anger, and loss on Steven Yeun’s face portrayed everything. Yes, he was overwhelmed with pain and shock, but the real reason for his anguish, etched all over his face, was Maggie. If he had screamed out her name it could not have been more evident. His last thoughts (if in fact these were his last moments) were spent thinking about his wife.


I also want to take a moment to commend Seven Yeun on his acting abilities. He has been so nuanced and layered throughout the evolution of Glenn’s character. I genuinely hope that Hollywood recognizes the potential for him to be the next big romance/ action star and scoops him right up. Plus the added bonus of pissing off the racists. (I’m looking at you Star Wars boycotters!) But don’t forget that he started out as the squeaky voiced side kick pizza delivery guy back in Atlanta. He’s come far.

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be spending the week weeping and gnashing teeth, holding on to the hope that maybe he crawled under that dumpster after all. *fingers crossed*

Leave a comment. Do you think it’s the real deal? Thanks for stopping by.

If Other Beloved Cartoon Reboots Had Been Treated Like “Jem and the Holograms”

I had thought about writing a great big scathing post about how this movie is an affront to women everywhere, since the target demographic is either teenage girls or middle aged women. (And we all know our opinions don’t matter and we don’t have any say in market activity.) But instead I have decided to wash my hands of it. I’m done. I’m out. I’m not going to go see it. I cannot help but imagine what the other movies would be like if their plots had been mangled to the extent that Jem and the Holograms has been. Cue the dramatics! =)

Truly outrageous….

Transformers: Abandoned robot, Optimus Prime must struggle with his sudden meteoric rise into government recognition due to his ability to transform from a truck into a large robot. The emotional turmoil nearly breaks up his family of Autobots, but in the end they discover what true loyalty means. Also, there are no Megatrons and the Allspark is a pack of gum.

Scooby-Doo: Shaggy, a young man with everything to gain, secretly records a video of his talking dog, Scooby-Doo. When he posts in on Youtube with the hopes of it going viral. He is overcome with disappointment when he finds that his beloved pet may not be as unique as he originally thought. Can he and his friends survive the anonymity or will the pressure be too much for their friendship to survive?

The Smurfs: Smurfette, under the pressure of her new human friend Gargamelina, sets out on an epic quest to become the next great pop star. She is faced with the option of abandoning her tribe or losing everything she has ever dreamed of. Can she find success and still remain loyal to her friends and family? Also, they live in shoes, not mushrooms, and they are six feet tall.

Spider-Man: Peter Parker, successful CEO and owner of Parker Corporation, swats away a pesky spider that he finds crawling on his arm while visiting one of his laboratories. The end.

Bat-Man: Billionaire Bruce Wayne lives in a large house. He makes a bad investment and looses everything. He must find a way to survive with nothing but a tuxedo and a hand written sign that reads, “Ka-Pow”.

Any more? Feel free to leave your version in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by.

My two cents

According to RAINN.com sexual assault occurs about every two minutes in this country. That is more often than a commercial break while watching television. Of course the Steubenville Rape Trial and the subsequent coverage by the media,  has brought the discussion of victim blaming to the forefront. Most notably is the treatment of the accused by CNN, who repeatedly seem to show sympathy not for the victim but with the accused. There a lot of things I would like to say to throw in my two cents on the issue, but for now I would like to focus on this. Every two minutes in this country someone assaults a woman. When we hear the word “rapist” what do we imagine? Do we see the archetypal skeezy pervert hiding behind the shrubbery waiting for the wayward jogger in the middle of the night? Maybe so.

And maybe that is the problem.

When we see cases like the Steubenville case, we see these previously upstanding handsome young men. Well dressed, good haircuts, I mean they were on the football team for God’s sake! Well known, well respected, so on and so forth. Rapists are perverts. Rapists are sick. Rapists are monsters. No way these guys are guilty of rape.

But they are.

And people still don’t get it

Lets say for a second that the sexual assault happening every two minutes in this country is being done by the skeevy perverts. That means one of two things. One, that there is an epidemic amount of skeevy perverts in this country, which is a problem. (Albeit a relatively solvable one as us lady folk can easily identify them by their long trench coats and close proximity to shrubbery.) Or two, that sexual assault is something that everyone is capable of, men and women, and we have no way of knowing who, how or when this might occur. That is also a problem. When Zerlina Maxwell recently brought up the idea that we as a culture should change the conversation and teach people not to rape, she was met with derision, death threats, and yes, rape threats. This leads me to believe that our current understanding of rape and sexual assault (and death threats for that matter) is that it is a socially acceptable way to interact with others.

I don’t know and I can’t guess what led those boys in Steubenville to do what they did. Except that (and this is pure speculation on my part) they thought they could. They thought it was okay. And they thought they could get away with it.

One thing is certain however. The conversation needs to change.