Walking Dead: S6 E3; (Thank You)

First of all, let me say this.

It’s one thing for everyone to freak on their various social medias or whatever, but for the love of gravy can we stop posting outright spoilers??? Remember the whole “Beth incident” in the season four finale when the Walking Dead website spoiled it for the ENTIRE WEST COAST???  Let’s show some respect for our West Coast watchers. Not to mention those who watch it on DVR or what not. We are all in this together, you guys.

That being said, there are some MAJOR spoilers coming up in this post. Seriously, if you have not seen it, turn back now. For that matter, stay off of all social media until you do. Maybe just avoid all media altogether. Why aren’t you just living in an abandoned cabin doing nothing else but binge watching The Walking Dead? I know right? Okay, I’ve given you plenty of warning. If you are not gone by this point it is your own fault.

Last week the action ramped up letting us know that we won’t be sitting on our laurels and sipping tea. No sirree. It is white knuckle all the way! Episode three started out on a high octane level that made last week feel like a children’s birthday party, jumping back to the events outside the town with Rick and the gang attempting to draw off the huge herd o’ zombies headed towards Alexandria. We already know that a small fraction of them are headed towards the town because of that horn blast.  But that’s not what we came to talk about. Now is it?

Now, I’ve got to be honest. I figured that someone was going to bite it this episode, mainly because of all of the exclamations and fan theories showing up on my Facebook timeline. No one came out right and said who, but come on. I’ve been with the show for six seasons now. I’m not stupid. But regardless of that, I did kind of see the way the episode telegraphed the event.

There was that guy with the Alexandrians who kept talking about his wife. Was anyone else yelling at the screen that I did not care so much about him, because there’s another guy RIGHT OVER THERE that we care about much more, who also has a wife to get back to? Then there was that whole thing with the watch in the store. Then there was that whole scenario in which Glen and Nicholas tried to go and torch the feed store. I knew it was a bad situation from the start. Glen has been Mr. Self-sacrifice from the beginning. This whole story line with Nicholas has been infuriating to say the least. I know it had to happen this way, because even in this world Glen maintained his humanity. In some ways he was the best one of them all.

Okay, let’s talk about Maggie for a second. When we met her way back in season two, she was already a bit of a tortured soul as she and her family had lost their matriarch to the zombie virus (do we know it’s a virus?). So already she had that crazy-with-grief haunted glaze in her eye. Then show happens, and that thing with the governor and her Dad… then more show happens and she loses her sister… Then she thought she lost Glen. Then they found each other at Terminus. And now this??? Things are not going well for Maggie. I suspect someone is going off the deep end in future episodes. Who could blame her though. This girl has been through it.

Now let’s speculate. Maybe, just maybe Glen did not really die…. right? I mean, maybe those were not his guts being eviscerated right before our very eyes…. right? I mean Nicholas did fall right on top of him, and they were there next to that dumpster. Could be he is just temporarily trapped under the weight of a corpse and all those walkers, and he just needs to wait a second before he pushes off the body of Nicholas and crawls under the relative safety of the dumpster….. right? But alas, I fear that the look of terror, sadness, anger, and loss on Steven Yeun’s face portrayed everything. Yes, he was overwhelmed with pain and shock, but the real reason for his anguish, etched all over his face, was Maggie. If he had screamed out her name it could not have been more evident. His last thoughts (if in fact these were his last moments) were spent thinking about his wife.


I also want to take a moment to commend Seven Yeun on his acting abilities. He has been so nuanced and layered throughout the evolution of Glenn’s character. I genuinely hope that Hollywood recognizes the potential for him to be the next big romance/ action star and scoops him right up. Plus the added bonus of pissing off the racists. (I’m looking at you Star Wars boycotters!) But don’t forget that he started out as the squeaky voiced side kick pizza delivery guy back in Atlanta. He’s come far.

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be spending the week weeping and gnashing teeth, holding on to the hope that maybe he crawled under that dumpster after all. *fingers crossed*

Leave a comment. Do you think it’s the real deal? Thanks for stopping by.


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