Walking Dead S6 E2 Review (JSS)

Let’s take a ride, and run with the dogs tonight
In Suburbia
You can’t hide, run with the dogs tonight
In Suburbia

Break a window by the town hall
Listen, the siren screams
There in the distance, like a roll call
Of all the suburban dreams

Suburbia, The Pet Shop Boys

Okay, so my post is late this week, but I’m going to talk about this episode anyhow.

It starts out with a little bit of exposition about the mysterious Enid. We know she had been “on the outside” just like Rick and his marry gang, but other than that… So within a few minutes we find that her parents had fallen prey to a hord of zombies. Enid had somehow managed to escape, and we soon discover that she is a quintessential survivor.

She is seen eating the insides out of an unlucky tortoise with her bare hands, forming with the bones the letters “JSS”. What does it mean? Viewers want to know.

So back at Woodbury Alexandria Carol is once again fooling everyone with her Betty-homemaker act. More on that later, because Carol will kill you in your sleep (with a smile on her face. You know she will.). So as she calmly readies her casserole for the oven and sets the egg timer, she glances out the window and sees Mrs. Niedermeyer enjoying a smoke outside of her home.

So all of us viewers are settling in for a calm exposition episode while we wait for the arrival of the incoming zombie horde from last episode. Aaah— OH MY GOD! MRS. NIEDERMEYER JUST GOT A MACHETE TO THE HEAD!!!

And it just got real. The Wolves have arrived!

We had seen glimpses of them last season, but not much about them so far this season. Here comes yet another group of thugs who have gone a little bit Apacolypse-Crazy. Too bad that Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Abraham and Michone are out of town right now. Never fear Carol and Morgan are here!

I am really starting to enjoy the dynamic between these two. They both have complicated pasts that they keep well hidden. They are both far more complex then they let on, and they will both take you down as soon as look at you. Both of them strike me as the few of the group who can and will survive on their own should anything happen to the group. Morgan will hit you with his stick and Carol… well, just don’t mess with Carol, mmkay?

Jesse had a star moment when she had to step up and protect her family and home from the intruding Wolf. With one child hidden in the closet and the other wandering in from his shenanigans outdoors, Jesse stepped up and went all Mamma Bear. I can’t wait to see more badassery from her. Plus she established early on that she considers Rick to be a “friend”. Happy dance to see where that goes. (teehee).

I want to at least mention Deanna’s decision to stay outside of the town walls when the Wolves attacked. The scene between her son and Maggie could have been seen as a cowardly move on her part. I think she made the right decision in that she is FINALLY starting to realize that she is way out of her depth. “I would be just another person who needed saving.” Once the dust settles Alexandria will need its leader and someone to nod and vouche when Rick gestures around the fallen town and yells “See?!” with Carol and Michone casting a challenging glare over the crowd. .

The over all winning scene for this week’s episode happened towards the beginning in the pantry between Carol and Mrs. Niedermeyer. (This is paraphrased, since I don’t actually own a copy of the script.)

Mrs. N: If only I had one of those pasta makers, we would all be eating like we lived in Italy.

What she is actually saying: I have skills that can make your life better. 

Carol: I can show you how to make pasta by hand, but only if you stop smoking in the house. It’s a nasty habit.

What she is actually saying: I have more skills than you. Plus you are self-sabotaging your survival and I’m getting really tired of you and your people acting like every moment of every day is not a fight for your very existence but continue to pratter about in this play town like the zombie apocalypse is not happening all around us. I can work wonders with this casserole but I can only do so much to save your sorry life. Cookie? *grin* 



There was SO MUCH going on in this episode, and I know I have not touched on all of it. Not to mention the fact that all the while there is this tension undercurrent that a huge zombie horde is just RIGHT THERE!!! Triggered by the moron who crashed the truck into the look out tower. (Plant the peashooters because the ZOMBIES ARE COMING!)

I have a feeling we are going to be graced with a Carl episode sometime soon, because the very last scene involved him finding a note from Enid with the answer to the question we have all been tearing our hair out over. She left him a small note, unsigned written in black ink…

“Just survive somehow.”



One thought on “Walking Dead S6 E2 Review (JSS)”

  1. It was a pretty tough/action packed/disturbing episode. We’ve been told the wolves are coming for awhile now but didn’t really expect an all out assault like that. Also, that poor turtle.

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