“But Hey, At Least I’m Writing…” she said.

Okay, so all my great grand schemes of submitting articles to everyone and everywhere were perhaps a bit overreaching. That’s okay though because I have dragged out my old novel from NanoWrimo2012 and dusted that off. Editing seems to be it’s very own special kind of hell. Nobody actually wants to edit. People want to have already edited. If there was some magical way to instantly produce a literary classic first time around that’s what people would do. It’s what I would do anyhow. Heh.

I had written this book with the lofty goal of having it edited by the first of last year and spend the following ten months shopping it around to all the various publishers just in time for NanoWrimo2013. This being my first novel I had little knowledge of the inevitable brain-fry that happens after churning out 50K words in a thirty day time span. One thing led to another and here we are. Over a year later and I am JUST NOW pulling this thing out to look at it. See when I wrote it, It was great. Every evening I marveled at how brilliant the inspiration was pouring out of me, words dancing across the page like leaves on the wind…. Then I looked at it later and it had turned into utter shit.

Editing is about trust I think.

You have to trust yourself that what you had written was good and has the potential to be good. You also have to trust that what you are writing over and replacing is also just as good if not better. Inspiration, most of the time has nothing to do with actual work. The work of it still needs to be done.

Writing is brilliant. Creating something new out of absolutely nothing, being god of your very own world. What could be more intoxicating! But editing… is just so…. maybe writing is the party and editing is the hangover. Getting rid of all the ick that needs to go. Detoxifying. It’s necessary. Very, very necessary. But it just doesn’t feel good.

At least that seems to be my experience so far.


One thought on ““But Hey, At Least I’m Writing…” she said.”

  1. Tis the season to be editing. I dragged out my NaNo from 2012 last month and read it over. It made me laugh, I scribbled a couple of notes on what I wanted to do with it, and then… I dragged out my NaNo from last year and read it over. Now I’m writing the first draft of an entirely different project.
    I’m told editing becomes enjoyable, eventually, once you’ve got the hang of it. I’m clinging to that assurance.

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